You may have asked yourself this question before but here is the answer to the question, “are spiders bugs?”.

According to my background in pest control industry, I can answer yes, spiders are bugs. The term “bug” isn’t scientific in nature, it just describes any little creepy crawly. This includes ants, spiders, centipedes, flies, cockroaches, beetles, mosquitoes, bees, crickets, bed bugs, etc.

Spiders are Arachnids

If you want to get to the correct term, spiders are technically “arachnids“, which are largely characterized by having eight legs, living on land, and having specialized lungs. Scorpions, Ticks, and Mites are also considered arachnids.


Spiders are not Insects

The major difference between arachnids (spiders) and insects is the number of legs. Arachnids have 8, while insects have 6. Another major difference is the fact that insects have three main body sections, whereas arachnids have two. There are other differences as well, but I think most people can decipher it for themselves, and research it if necessary.

Thanks for reading!