The United States is full of bugs, and it seems like spiders are the usual culprits. If you hear a scream from the kitchen, it was most likely a spider that caused it! I gave my personal recommendation for spider repellent in a previous post, but this time I want to focus on something similar, but in a different realm: Natural Spider Repellent.

Why Go Natural?

Personally, I haven’t had as much use for natural remedies, but it’s extremely popular and people kept asking for my thoughts, so I tested a few things in order to give you the best recommendations.

Natural spider repellent sounds nice, right? The fact is, a high portion of homeowners have pets or children in the home, so it makes perfect sense to choose products that you can be comfortable with. There are enough things to worry about besides toxicity levels in our pest control products!

Option 1: Natural Products

There are a number of natural products out there designed specifically as spider repellent. In fact, it’s becoming more and more popular as the population moves toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

The first product I liked was called “Spider Bully”, and seems to fit the bill, natural-speaking.

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The next product I researched was called “Spider Away”, which appears similar to the one above. The main difference is that this product is specifically for getting rid of them when you see them, as opposed to laying down some product in order to actually repel them. I prefer the former.

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Option 2: Essential Oils

This is becoming more and more popular as essential oils have made quite a comeback. Many people don’t know this, but a few decades ago they were fairly popular but died down. They are back in full swing! While there are a lot of “wives tales” associated with them, I still feel like they can be used in an intelligent way. Not only can they be used for health purposes, but as you might have guessed, pest control.

The first staple for oils is peppermint oil. It is extremely strong, so be careful around it even if it is “natural”. Mix about 15-20 drops with 16 ounces of water and apply to entryways, baseboards, bathrooms, kitchens.

When I tried this, I applied the mixture very liberally. It seemed to do the trick, but I forgot about one thing: peppermint oil is really strong. I used so much that it started burning my nostrils! Since I applied it to every room I needed to open the windows and doors to allow a little air flow. I’d recommend doing this for about a half hour until everything is dry and not quite as potent.

The second oil that you’ll want is lemon oil. This one can be used in a ton of different ways (like adding a drop or two to drinking water- yum!), but we’ll use it just like the peppermint oil. You can even mix them together if you want, there have been decent results recorded by both methods.