Everyone wants to get rid of spiders from their home, that’s a given. There are lots of different methods to try, but today I’ll focus on one interesting method: spider balls.

What are “Spider Balls”?

Spider balls are actually known as hedge apples to those who live in the midwest, where they are common. Even more technically, they are fruit from the osage-orange. People got the idea that they were good for preventing spiders without having to use a spider repellent of any sort.

hedge apple spider ball

Is it a Myth?

The idea that the fruit of the osage-orange could be used for spider control is persistent and goes back generations.

According to Iowa State University, when  compounds in the fruit were concentrated, they did in fact repel insects. However, just putting hedge apples, or spider balls, around the home is not an effective form of insect control, due to the weakness of the concentration. So no, they are not great at getting rid of or preventing spiders from getting in your home.